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Sabtu, 22 Desember 2007

Naruto episodes 147 - Global TV 04 Des 07

Naruto episodes 147
Fateful Showdown! You Won't Defeat Me

Type : Anime Video
Copyright : TV Tokyo
Transmited by : Global TV
Transmited on 04 Des 2007

Episode Summary:
Mizuki is determined to make Naruto and Iruka suffer, and it appears like he has the upper edge with his improved strength and speed. Meanwhile, Ino, Chouji, and Shikamaru are at their limits, and now Fuujin and Raijin are free. That is until Tsunade shows up and defeats them both easily. Fuujin and Raijin surrender and agree to return peacefully to the institution. Mizuki on the other hand has converted all of his speed to power and prepares to finish Naruto off. That is until Iruka thinks up a plan and traps Mizuki, giving Naruto the chance to Rasengan on him. Mizuki reverts to his original form, badly damage when tsunade shows up and explains everything about the potion Mizuki took. Mizuki will no longer be able to fight as a shinobi. Iruka offers to treat everyone at the ramen bar, and thinks about how Naruto saved his life the same way he had saved Naruto before.

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