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Rabu, 12 Desember 2007

Naruto episodes 141 - Global TV 01 Des 07

Naruto episodes 141
Sakura's Determination

Type : Anime Video
Copyright : TV Tokyo
Transmited by : Global TV
Transmited on 01 Des 2007

Episode Summary:
Naruto takes on Arashi, but gets trapped easily. Sakura thinks he's dead and Naruto ends up blowing his sneak attack cover to protect her. Naruto tries his attack again, but his injury causes a problem. Naruto gets trapped in an attack that will crush him if he doesn't get out. Sasame attacks Arashi manages to set him free for a second. However, it doesn't last long and he soon tries to kill Sasame. Sakura jumps in the way and says she will give her life to protect her friends. Naruto tells her she can't die and Arashi tries to finish Naruto off. Sasame causes enough of a distraction for Naruto to break free. The attack caused by Naruto frees Arashi, and Arashi protects Sasame. The place begins to collapse and Jiraiya arrives. Arashi throws them Sasame and tells them he can't leave since he is a puppet. He tells Naruto that Sasuke is alive and they all leave, leaving Arashi behind. The Fuuma Clan promises to rebuild their town and everyone heads back to Konoha. Now, Sakura wishes to become Tsunade's student.

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