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Rabu, 19 Desember 2007

Naruto episodes 144 - Global TV 02 Des 07

Naruto episodes 144
Newly formed three man cell! Two people and an animal!

Type : Anime Video
Copyright : TV Tokyo
Transmited by : Global TV
Transmited on 02 Des 2007

Episode Summary:
Naruto is having trouble with the two brothers, and Iruka is having his share of difficulties with Mizuki. Iruka struggles to try and get the old Mizuki back, but Mizuki explains the only reason he was ever nice to Iruka was because he wanted to be the Hokage's favorite too. He wanted Iruka to be miserable, and not to have everyone else be so kind to him and not himself. Iruka and Mizuki then prepare to fight again. Meanwhile, after many Kagebunshin attacks, Naruto finally has a chance to use Rasengan. But, the brothers accidentally destroy their lunch and make Naruto's attack hit his doppelgangers. As they prepare to kill him, Shikamaru, Chouji, and Ino come to the rescue.

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