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Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 103

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 103
"Hit em where they live"

Type : Anime Video / film kartun
Copyright : Cartoon Network
Transmited by : Indosiar TV
Transmited on 4 Desember 2011

Episode Summary:
Ben's mother, Sandra will be ambushed by Sevenseven when you're washing dishes, and Max managed to thwart peryergapan it.
Meanwhile, Ben's old enemy Rojo and her new biker gang was robbing trains. So Gwen, Kevin and Ben as Rath against them. Max followed Ben Kevin using the jet. Max Ben says that identity is revealed, so that some of his old enemies are back for revenge and his family hunt. Meanwhile, one of Ben's enemies, Zombozo, has teamed up with Charmcaster, Vulkanus and Sevenseven for their revenge on Ben. Ben's father, Carl is a target.

Zombozo, Charmcaster Vulkanus flatten tires and Carl to keep him busy, but Ben (who has forgotten Zombozo) and his friends to come and battle villains. Ben managed to beat them as Swampfire and save his father. Zombozo then replaces the target is the mother of Ben. Gwen attacked and get him dizzy, which is trying to protect himself and kidnaps Sandra.

Ben and my friends went to the hideout Zombozo to save Ben's mother. Vulkanus fights Ben, Kevin and Gwen Zombozo Charmcaster fights fights. Kevin managed to beat Charmcaster and his minions stone Vulkanus temporary defeat Ben and pick-axes forces as Ultimate Big Chill. Sandra stuck in tight rope tied with two bombs and Gwen tied up in ribbons.
Zombozo a mad attempt to cruelly cause death of Sandra. Gwen Anodite change into a form active and begin to grow to gigantic size and threatens Zombozo to leave the family alone and Tennyson to say to all criminals lainnya.Gwen Zombozo let go to spread the word, then switch back to human form. Ben Gwen and Kevin to meet with Sandra.

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