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Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 102

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 102

Type : Anime Video / film kartun
Copyright : Cartoon Network
Transmited by : Indosiar TV
Transmited on 27 November 2011

Episode Summary:
The Museum visited by Forever Knights criminal group, and successfully blocked by Ben 10 Rath. however, Ben 10 disappointing Gwen and julie because it comes late in the tennis tournament. Ben 10 actually want to watch c3d movies. Ben 10 turns into Echo Echo and accompany them Gwen, Kevin, and watch a 3d movie. Ben 10 with Kevin went to the museum. There they fall into the hole and met with a group of criminals Forever Knights. They were overwhelmed after the leader of a criminal alien relic to wear armor. Ben 10 call for help and they were reunited. Ben 10 Ben turns into Lodestar and managed to defeat the enemy..

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