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Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Battle Spirits - Double options

Battle Spirits
"Double options"

Type : Anime Video / film kartun
Copyright : TV Tokyo - Sunrice
Transmited by : Indosiar TV
Transmited on 4 Dec 2011

Episode Summary:
My Sunshine was in Tonari school. My Sunshine at the school wanted to form a Battle Spirits Club. While the "J" Sawaragi waiting at the middle school page. Desire gets a hindrance of the school board osis. Because the battle spririt considered playful and disturb learning process. my_sunshine students gather to form Battle Spitirs Club but the event did not work. Battle spirits clubs can be formed on the condition there are 6 members. eventually formed the Battle Spirits Club. while the "J" Sawaragi dicide out from school because of business and decided to join the numbers elite.

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