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Selasa, 29 April 2008

One Piece 110 - The Bluff and the Bluffer

One Piece Episode Number: 10
One Piece Season Num: 1
The Bluff and the Bluffer

Genre : Video Animation, Action & Adventure
Video Format : 3gp

Episode summary:
Our heroes find their requests for aid turned down after a run-in with Klahadore, Kaya's straight-laced butler. And Ussop, outraged after Klahadore insults his pirate heritage, doesn't help in the least by clobbering Klahadore! But our heroes have more important things to worry about when Luffy and Ussop discover that Django, a mysterious and highly eccentric hypnotist who's blown into town, is here to see Klahadore... who, in reality, is the long-thought-dead pirate, Captain Kuro! It seems the two of them are conspiring to trick Kaya into writing Kuro into her will, and then kill her! When Luffy gets KOed by Django's hypnosis, Ussop is the only one who can warn the townspeople... but what will he do when everyone thinks his warning is just another of his wild stories?

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