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Selasa, 29 April 2008

One Piece 108 - Who Gets the Last Laugh?

One Piece Episode Number: 8
One Piece Season Num: 1
Who Gets the Last Laugh?

Genre : Video Animation, Action & Adventure
Video Format : 3gp

Episode summary:
After saving Nami from Buggy's pirates, Luffy gets the lowdown from her on how Buggy's pretty much taken over the town. Unfortunately, he also gets double-crossed by Nami, as part of her scheme to get her hands on Buggy’s map of the Grand Line and Buggy's treasure. But when Nami finds herself faced with orders to eliminate Luffy with one of Buggy's high-explosive cannonballs, Luffy finds that Nami, a self-professed master thief and pirate-hater, may not be so bad after all. But even when Zolo shows up to save the two of them from Buggy's wrath, will his swordsmanship be enough when Buggy reveals he's got the powers of the Chop-Chop Fruit?

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