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Selasa, 29 April 2008

One Piece 106 - The Beast Breaker

One Piece Episode Number: 6
One Piece Season Num: 1
The Beast Breaker

Genre : Video Animation, Action & Adventure
Video Format : 3gp

Episode summary:
Luffy and his friends, escaped Buggy and his pirates, Zolo carries him and tells Luffy that he should stop moving and that it really damages his knee. They stop at a house and see a dog which eats something very important to Luffy. They befriend the dog, still guarding the store of his late master, and the mayor of the now-abandoned town, and take a much-needed break. But their rest won't last long, as Buggy sends Mohji the Beast-Breaker and his pet lion Richie to deal with the meddlers once and for all it is a giant and is very strong it beats up the dog and really makes Luffy mad and go crazy.

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