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Selasa, 22 Juli 2008

Bleach (TV) 08 - June 17, a memory of rain

Bleach (TV) - Season 01 Episode 07
June 17, a memory of rain

Episode Summary :
Ichigo's family go to hill for anniversary of their mother's death. Rukia asks Ichigo about his mother's death, after her asks Ichigo run out and disapear. Ichigo remembering memories with his mother. Karin and Yuzu are praying at their mother's grave. Meanwhile at the forest Rukia found by other Soul Repear. The Soul Repear ask why she still there. Ichigo and Kon come and asks what he wants. Back in cemetery, Ichigo sisters are being attack by hollow. Rukia gets a Hollow reading on her detector and they stop fighting run to help Ichigo family.

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