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Selasa, 08 Juli 2008

Bleach (TV) 01 - A Shinigami Is Born!

Bleach (TV) - Season 01 Episode 01
A Shinigami Is Born!

Episode Summary :
Ichigo Kurosaki, an old boy Japanese Schooler who can see ghosts. He help young girl ghost when so,some neighborhood punks knocked over a flower vase, then he connects with the soul who the flowers were. At night he meet his 2 sisters, Karin and Yuzu. Karin, can see ghosts and tge other, Yuzu, can merely feel their presence.The next day Ichigo sees the young girl soul being chased by a large unidentified creature. At night the a female gost named Kuchiki Rukia come into Ichigo's bedroom and indetifies herself as a Soul Repear. Ichiho's family under attack by a bad spirits known as Hollow. After saving Ichigo, Rukia was injured and she dicides to give her Shinigami power to Ichigo.

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