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Jumat, 23 November 2007

Naruto episodes 111 - Global TV 16 Nop 07

Naruto episodes 111
Hubungan dengan 4 ninja bunyi
Sound vs. Leaf

Type : Anime Video
Copyright : TV Tokyo
Transmited by : Global TV
Transmited on 16 Nop 2007

Episode Summary:
Genma and Raido fight the four Sound ninja that have Sasuke, but after an intense battle, they are defeated. On their way to rescue Sasuke, Shikamaru's group makes a tough decision to proceed past the area where the fight occurred. Shikamaru informs the group they need to be on their guard. Because of the fight, the Sound ninja will be more alert and may have set up traps for them. Can they get through all the traps and get to the Sound ninja and Sasuke?

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