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Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

Naruto shippuden 118

Naruto shippuden episodes 118

Type : Anime Video / film kartun
Copyright : TV Tokyo
Transmited by : Global TV
Transmited on 12 Okt 2011

Episode Summary:
As with Sasuke, Jugo remember how he met his friend - Kimimaro, and what she experienced with her​​. After being told that Kimimaro died for him, Jugo agrees to go with them, believing that life in the Kimimaro Sasuke. After informing his team had established that the goal is to kill the Akatsuki Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke gave a name for their group "Hebi" ["Snake"]. Meanwhile, Naruto decides to go after Itachi in hopes of finding Sasuke.

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