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Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

Ben 10 Episodes 08 - The Alliance

Ben 10 (TV) - Season 01 Episode 08
The Alliance

Episode Summary :
Ben, as Four Arms, foil robbery car labis steel made by women marauder named Joey. During the war, some new and improve Vilgax attacks and cause Grandpa Max terluka.Ben as Four Arms took him to hospital. Joey start with chaos drones and converted into powerful alien cyborg named Rojo. Perubahab With this he can communicate with vilgax. Joey vilgax and work together. Joey and Ben vilgax attack while in the hospital, but this attack can be defeated by Ben.Ben think this situation is very dangerous for the people around, so Ben decided to leave the hospital. Ben battle elsewhere for Joey. With the instructions of grandpa Max, Ben can beat Joey.

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