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Senin, 04 Februari 2008

Shaolin Wuzang - Hangman's Swamp

Shaolin Wuzang - Season 1, Episode 2
Hangman's Swamp

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Episode Summary:
Sanzang was poisoned and threatens to die. The doctor recognizes that he poisoned with Black Lotus. There is an antidote, a flower that grows in the forest hanging. However, no one returned alive from there. Three men break yet. Cheng sees that one of the men carries a bracelet, which also has taken the bombers. Then follow our three friends of the three riders. Indeed, the wristband man will prevent the other two, the flower. Hua, Tang and Cheng liberate the two, which will offer them the whereabouts of Black Foxes. In the hanging forest discover the flower, fight against the skeletons, and they guard against a snake, and return with the flower. Tang handed over to the doctor the wrong flower, this has emerged as the Vergifter to recognize. Da Tang still has the right flower, and the Sanzang can now also poisoned Fong and Long-Tseu saved.

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